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A little about me

Sawadee kha

My name is Auey but please call me “A”.

Originally from Bangkok, I started working as a spa therapist in Karon beach Phuket at the beautiful Five Star resort of Centara Grand Karon where I honed my craft pampering guests from all over the world, including many Aussies.

From there I moved to Koh Samui where I was the Spa Manager at the five star Centara Grand Beachfront at Chaweng Beach. Again, I was ensuring guests had an amazing experience at my Spa, with my team of therapists.

I was trained in several massage disciplines, Tok-Sen, Royal Thai, Swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy, shirodhara, hot stone, Balinese, Shirobhyanga, Marma Abhyanga, Herbal compress and reflexology as well as beauty treatments such as facials, exfoliators and natural wraps.


I have a passion for my work and it reflects in the many positive reviews that I received on my Facebook​ page. 

Rated 5 stars by 42 out of 42 reviews (Aug' 2022)

Now it’s your turn to experience the best and truly, Genuine Thai massage.


No need to travel to Thailand any more, I’m right here in Noosaville.

I look forward to meeting you.

Kop kun kha


PH: 0448 500 195

My Qualifications:

Traditional Thai Massage - Acupoint Tapping (Tok Sen)

Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University

Thai Traditional Massage

Thai Traditional Medical services Society

Spa Therapist

Thai Traditional Medical services Society

Thai Traditional Massage - Upgrade Training

Ministry of Labour Thailand

Spa Therapist - Upgrade Training

Ministry of Labour Thailand


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Thai Massages


 90/120 MIN   $ 140/180


TOK SEN (Legs or Back ONLY)                 

60 MIN                    $100



60/90/120 MIN    $ 95/$140/$180

Oil Massages


30 MIN           $ 65                   60 MIN           $95

90 MIN          $140                 120 MIN          $185



BACK, NECK & HEAD        





SHIROBHYANGA (Indian Head Massage)


Oil and Deep Tissue

30 MIN           $ 75                60 MIN           $115

90 MIN          $155               120 MIN          $200



60MIN          $ 125


60 MIN          $ 125


90 MIN         $ 155

All treatments include Thai "welcome drink" upon arrival, foot bath ritual involving exfoliating scrub and an after treatment, herbal tea.

We also offer a courtesy, *pick up and drop off service if required.

Please inquire at time of making your booking.
*Conditions apply

"More than just a massage, a Spa experience"

PH: 0448 500 195



Tok Sen or "Acupoint Tapping", has its roots in ancient Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand. Long before it was known as Thailand, Chiang Mai was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Lanna.

The early farmers developed Tok Sen to alleviate their aching muscles. Aches brought about by hours working in the fields, not unlike the aches we experience from our lifestyles of today.

Although its exact origins are lost, the knowledge was passed on by the local people, then enhanced by the Buddhist Monks until finally today, it is studied and refined in the Faculty of Medicine of Chiang Mai University, where I was trained.

“Tok” is the rhythmic sound made by hitting the peg and “Sen” are the energy lines in the human body, the Chinese acupuncturists call them “meridians”, as we Thais like to say, “same same, but different”.

Rather than stick needles in you, we use a wooden peg and mallet to introduce vibrations deep into your muscle tissues to release your tight, tense muscles.

Tok Sen, the original ultrasound that is still used in modern medicine today, and just like modern Ultrasound treatments, Tok Sen stimulates the blood flow to flush out your cells and improve healing. It has been found useful to release Myofascial pain or “frozen” muscles caused from repetitive use, exercise or injury and many people say they find they experience a deep relaxation that has improved their sleep, after a treatment.

Tok Sen, (until now) has mostly, only been practised in the Temples of Northern Thailand but it is available now in Noosaville at Genuine Thai Massage & Beauty - 0448 500 195

Welcome to Tok Sen

Welcome to Tok Sen

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